กีตาร์โปร่ง Epiphone J-45 EC Studio
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กีตาร์โปร่ง Epiphone J-45 EC Studio

SKU: 11BE09032 Brand: Epiphone
Product กีตาร์โปร่ง Epiphone J-45 EC Studio
Brand Epiphone
Model J-45 EC Studio
Top Material Solid Sitka Spruce
Body Material Select Mahogany
Electric Shadow Performer Tuner™ Preamp
Package Inculde
Warranty สินค้ามีรับประกัน


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กีตาร์โปร่ง Epiphone J-45 EC Studio

กีต้าร์โปร่ง ​Epiphone J-45EC Studio เป็นหนึ่งในกีตาร์โปร่งที่ขายดีที่สุดของ Epiphone ด้วยรูปทรง เสียง และคุณภาพที่ผู้เล่นในระดับเริ่มต้นหรือมือโปรคาดหว้งไว้เมื่อได้สัมผัสกับกีต้าร์โปร่ง Epiphone กีต้าร์โปร่งสไตล์จัมโบ้ถูกผลิตออกมาครั้งแรกที่โรงงานคาลามาซู (Kalamazoo) ในปี 1930 และได้กลายมาเป็นที่ชื่นชอบของนักดนตรีในทุกๆ แขนงของดนตรีแนวพ๊อพพูลล่าร์ (Popular) ด้วยโทนเสียงของกีต้าร์โปร่งทรงแอ๊ดวานซ์จัมโบ้ที่หนักแน่นและชัดเจนในยามที่ต้องการ รวมทั้งโทนเสียงที่มีความสมดุลงจึงทำให้เป็นกีต้าร์โปร่งที่เหมาะสำหรับทั้งการเล่นบนเวทีหรืองานในสตูดิโอ ขณะนี้มาพร้อมกับชายเว้าที่ลำตัวกีต้าร์และระบบปรีแอมป์รุ่นใหม่ Performer Tuner จาก Shadow กีต้าร์โปร่ง J-45EC Studio ช่วยให้คุณก้าวขึ้นเหนือคู่แข่งขึ้นไปอีกขั้น


  • ปิ๊กอัพ NanoFlex ทีมีความต้านทานต่ำ
  • เครื่องตั้งสาย Shadow Performer
  • ไม้หน้าลำตัวกีต้าร์ทำจากไม้ Sitka แท้ๆ

The J-45EC Studio has long been one of Epiphone’s best selling acoustic guitars with the look, sound, and build quality that first time players and professionals expect to hear when they pick up an Epiphone. The Advanced Jumbo style was first produced at the legendary Kalamazoo factory in the 1930s has been a favorite of musicians from every field of popular music ever since. The Advanced Jumbo sound is commanding when required but it’s also well balanced which makes it perfect for stage and studio. Now with a killer cutaway and Shadow’s new Performer Tuner™ preamp system, the J-45EC Studio takes yet another step above the competition.

Balanced Tone that Rings Like a Bell
With its bell-like shape featuring a larger lower bout and a smaller, round upper bout, the J-45EC Studio has a focused and balanced tone. The bass is deep, rich, and loud while the highs have a crispness and brilliance that cuts through. Most noticeable however, is the J-45EC Studio’s clear mid-range that’s never muddy like a square-shouldered dreadnought. The Advanced Jumbo acoustic guitar is often described as the perfect instrument for the soloist or singer/songwriter with a sound that blends well with vocals. And, its generous and elegant Venetian cutaway enables you to access the upper frets with ease.


  • NanoFlex™ low-impedance pickup
  • Shadow Performer Tuner
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top

Quality Materials, Classic Construction
While the AJ shape plays a big role in its signature sound, the J-45EC Studio benefits from the use of premium materials and traditional construction methods. The top is made of solid Sitka Spruce that not only sounds great right out of the box but actually improves with age and lots of playing time. The back and sides are made of select mahogany. The solid mahogany neck has a 25.5” scale and is glued to the body using TiteBond™ glue and a traditional dovetail neck joint for great stability, tone, and sustain. The neck features Epiphone’s classic 1960’s SlimTaper™ D-profile with a smooth, fast, satin finish that’s easy to play. The bound fingerboard has a 12” radius with a 1.68” nut, 20 medium jumbo frets, and dot inlays. The classic “reverse-belly” bridge has a compensated saddle for traditional looks and accurate intonation. And last but not least, the J-45EC Studio has a tortoise-style pickguard with traditional metal “E” to protect the top against pick marks on the beautiful Natural finish.

Shadow Premium Electronics!
The J-45EC Studio is equipped with Shadow’s new Performer Tuner™ preamp and NanoFlex™ pickup system for great acoustic tone when plugged in. Made by Shadow Germany, the new Performer Tuner™ preamp features all the controls you need to tailor the sounds of your J-45EC Studio to suit your playing style, volume level, and venue size. Professional features on this state-of-the-art preamp include a built-in Chromatic Tuner, Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Low Battery indicator, and a Phase switch to help eliminate unwanted feedback. It also features a Tuner/Mute button which comes in handy when plugging in or unplugging your guitar. The Performer Tuner™ preamp uses two 2032 lithium watch batteries that are not only lightweight, but provide significantly longer life than old-fashioned, heavy 9-volt batteries. Under the J-45EC Studio’s compensated saddle is Shadow’s proprietary NanoFlex™ low-impedance pickup. Unlike a piezo, the NanoFlex’s™ unique and flexible sensing material features integrated active electronics and picks up not only string vibrations but also top and body vibrations as well for a truly acoustic tone without the harshness of piezo pickups.

Epiphone Rock Solid Hardware
The J-45EC Studio includes all nickel hardware including premium sealed die-cast tuners with 14:1 ratio for tuning accuracy and stability.


  • Top Material:   Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Body Material:   Select mahogany
  • Neck Material:   Solid mahogany with satin finish
  • Neck Shape:   SlimTaper™ D-Shape
  • Neck Joint:   Dovetail, glued-In
  • Scale Length:   25.5″
  • Fingerboard Material:   “Dot” inlays
  • Fingerboard Radius:   12″
  • Trussrod:   Adjustable via headstock
  • Frets:   20; medium/jumbo
  • Binding:   6-Layer body; Front, 1-Layer;
  • Fingerboard Nut Width:   1.68″
  • Hardware:   Nickel
  • Machine Heads:   Sealed, Die-cast; 14:1 ratio
  • Bridge Pickup:   NanoFlex™ low-impedance pickup
  • Controls:   Shadow Performer Tuner™ Preamp, Master Volume, Phase (feedback cancellation), Treble EQ, Bass EQ, Tuner/Mute Button, Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Power:   Two 2032 Lithium Batteries
  • Bridge:   Reverse-belly
  • Saddle:   Compensated; PVC
  • Pickguard:   Simulated Tortoise with metal “E”
  • Output Jack:   Metal Endpin Jack with 1/4″ output
  • Strap Buttons:   Yes
  • Warranty:   Epiphone Limited Lifetime
  • Typical Weight (+/- 5%):   4.4 lbs
  • Strings:   D’Addario® 12, 16, 25, 34, 41, 53

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