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Dual channel, 950W @ 4Ω


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Dual channel, 950W @ 4Ω

The Crown T series are professional-grade power amplifiers designed for entertainment venues, movie theaters, mobile performances, conference rooms and other commercial venues. Their compact design makes them perfectly suited for mobile use and entertainment venues with limited space.

The four T series amplifier models (T3, T5, T7 and T10) are based on professional Crown technologies, with a simple and efficient amplification circuit, and an upgraded heat dissipation system designed to ensure professional performance day after day. For over 60 years Crown has focused on power amplifier technology research and innovation, and with the T series, Crown delivers a user-friendly installation with professional audio quality.

Minimum guaranteed power T3 T5 T7 T10
1 kHz, 0.5% THD
Stereo, 4Ω per channel 450W 750W 950W 1350W
Stereo, 8Ω per channel 330W 500W 675W 1000W
Bridged mono, 8Ω 900W 1500W 2000W 2700W


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Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz, +0/-1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.5%, 20 Hz – 20kHz
Intermodulation Distortion = / < 0.35% (from full rated output to -30dB)
Conversion Rate >10V/us
Voltage Gain 34.4dB
Damping Factor > 200 (8Ω, 10 Hz – 400 Hz)
Signal to Noise Ratio (below rated power 20 Hz to 20 kHz, A-Weighted) > 100 dB
Crosstalk -75dB at 1kHz, -59dB at 20kHz
Input Sensitivity 0.775V or 1.4V (rated power 8Ω)
Input Impedance 20kΩ Balanced, 10kΩ Unbalanced
Input Connectors Balanced XLR and one unbalanced RCA per channel
Output Connectors 4-POLE Speakon® and a pair of binding posts per channel
Front Panel Components Power switch, channel gain control
Rear Panel Components Output mode switch: stereo, parallel, bridge, Input sensitivity switch: 0.775V or 1.4V
Power Indicator Blue and green two-color LED
Signal Indicator One green LED per channel
Clip Indicator One yellow LED per channel
Fault Indicator Red LED per channel , indicating that the channel is closed
Power cables Plug : 10A, 250V, Wire : CCC 3×1.5mm 2
Protection Protection against short circuit, no load, on / off noise, radio interference protection circuit
Ventilation Air convection mechanism
Cooling Internal air is forced to dissipate heat, fan cooling, rapid adjustment, temperature protection
Dimensions (w x h x d) 19” x 3.46” x 14.5” (482 mm x 88 mm x 369 mm)
Net Weight 39.9 lb (18.1 kg)
Shipping Weight 44.4 lb (20.1 kg)



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More information / Order / Quotation please contact.

Email : [email protected]
Tel : 089-786-6306
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